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:: February 26, 2014

A Little Blood for Good Measure

We would be the first to say that there’s no wrong way to drink tequila, but there are a few traditions we like to practice more than others. Drinking sangrita, for one. For committed tequila drinkers and virtually everyone in Mexico, tequila is sipped, not shot, and it is often accompanied by a side of sangrita, a bold mixture of juices and hot peppers.


Sangrita, or “little blood,” was originally made in batches and used to quench the burn of homemade tequila. It is now considered a palate cleanser between sips, a concoction that simultaneously highlights tequila’s peppery and citrus undertones.

Mixologist Matthew Campbell of Comal - Berkeley, CA

Sangrita is spicy, it’s sweet, and it will kick the crap out of a lime wedge or a pineapple juice chaser any day. (Not to mention cure even the most offending of hangovers.) Any good tequila bar will feature a version of sangrita. Ask for it; you’ll likely get a knowing nod from the bartender.


Now, if you can’t bear to part with the tradition of taking a shot with a group of friends, there is still a fun way to enjoy sangrita. The bandera is your answer. Inspired by the white, green and red Mexican flag, the bandera requires three shot glasses: one filled with tequila blanco, one with lime juice, and the third with sangrita.


Considering all of the work we put into making our own tequila we, of course, like to make our own sangrita. (It’s actually a pretty easy undertaking, and one that anyone can do.) Recipes vary by region, family tradition, personal preference and available ingredients. Common to most, though, is orange and lime juices, hot peppers, and pomegranate. Outside of Mexico, and for those who enjoy bloody marys, tomato juice-based sangritas have become popular as well. Below we’ve included a recipe for both. ¡Salud!


1. Traditional Sangrita  (for 2 sangritas)

— 1 oz. fresh orange juice

— 1 oz. fresh lime juice

— 1/2 oz. of real pomegranate grenadine

— 1/4 tsp chili powder or a few dashes of your favorite hot sauce to taste

— 1- 2 slices of jalapeño


2. Tomato Sangrita (for 2 sangritas)

— 2 oz. tomato juice

— 1 oz. fresh orange juice.

— ½  oz. fresh lime juice

— finely diced green chile pepper or a few dashes of hot sauce