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:: March 27, 2014

Crafting Your Own Craft Tequila Bar

We’ve all done it. We’ve sat at a nice bar—maybe even a nice tequila bar—admiring the perfectly stocked shelves; imagining inventing cocktails; thinking about the luxury of being able to watch the game while at work. It’s okay, you can admit it to us, at one point or another, whether deep in your cups, or while exasperatedly trying to find a stool at a crowded bar, you or a friend has declared “You know what? We should open our own bar!”


But, no, you shouldn’t open your own bar. Bars are so much work, you still won’t have time to look up at the game. Luckily for you, we have a solution for the allure of opening your own place. Go ahead, create a craft tequila bar that is truly yours, that opens and closes whenever you want, that your friends feel comfortable in: build one in your own home. We can help.
First, clean out a cupboard in your kitchen or a shelf on your bookcase. (You don’t use that waffle iron anyway.) Next, pick up a bottle each of Blue Nectar Silver, Reposado and Special Reserve, because any cocktail you could want to make, you can make with tequila. Most cocktails that call for other spirits can be adapted; tequila will actually give the drink more depth.
Now, start to collect some of the following items, bottles and ingredients. Think of it as a starter kit for tequila lovers, the basics for every cocktail from a classic margarita (don’t ditch the blender from that dusty cupboard just yet) to a mule. The trick is to build your arsenal slowly, to find what you like and then experiment more with it.
Stay tuned as we add more recipes so that you can play mixologist while in your slippers and figure out what you love, what you don’t, and which ingredients you’ll need to keep fully stocked when your friends come over to hang.

Click the image to view or print our Tequila Bar Checklist:
Tequila Bar Checklist