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:: June 23, 2014

Meet Your Match: Tequila Pairing

Pairing wine with your meal is great, but pairing tequila with food is even greater. Each bite and sip should complement the other, encouraging you to want more of both. The aromas of what you’re eating will trigger your olfactories, which will affect your sense of taste. You get notes of pepper in our Reposado? That’s great. What dish isn’t enhanced by a little spice? Tasting vanilla undertones in our Special Reserve? Pair it with a dessert.
If your taste buds need a little inspiration, here are some of our favorite flavor combinations. Happy pairing.

Blue Nectar Silver

Blue Nectar Silver: Silver tequila goes fantastically with many appetizers. A light, clean introduction to a meal, a silver doesn’t overwhelm the senses and works very well with citrus, acids, and light seafood. It’s an excellent refresher with spicy appetizers, salads or soups.
—Flavors: Lemon, lime, bitter orange, grapefruit, mango, cilantro, pepper
—Foods: Ceviches, marinated shrimp, grilled chicken, salsas, salads


Blue Nectar Reposado

Blue Nectar Reposado: Reposados pair well with main courses. The mellow oak flavor of the “rested” spirit has a bit more structure to it that holds its own with grilled meats and vegetable dishes.
—Flavors: Chipotle, garlic, paprika, honey, cinnamon
—Foods: Slow roasted pork, barbecued chicken, roasted vegetables


Blue Nectar Special Reserve

Blue Nectar Reposado Special Reserve: A great sipping tequila, our Special Reserve goes well with basically any dessert you can think of. It is smooth and rich and—if you can’t bear to wait until dessert—happens to also pair perfectly with steak and other red meats.
—Flavors: Chocolate, coffee, raspberry, black garlic, honey, vanilla, pink peppercorn
—Foods: Cakes, semi-sweet chocolate, mousses, custards, steak, lamb