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:: September 30, 2014

Win More Hearts with Tequila

Impress your best friend: Bloody Maria You get drinks on a weekly basis. You know their go-tos. Spice it up, literally, by swapping vodka for tequila at your next brunch.   Impress your frenemy: A tequila Negroni A little sweet, a little bitter and will definitely take you to another level.   Impress your next […]

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:: August 15, 2014

A Look Inside Studio Blue

Our Studio Blue events launched earlier this summer in multiple cities around the country. Here are a few of our favorite snapshots.     Here’s a brief review of our Denver Blue Studio events: “The event, hosted in the newly renovated downstairs space of Lola, was filled with fun, education and excellent spirits. Each night […]

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:: July 28, 2014

A Responsible Tequila

We are proud to announce that Blue Nectar uses environmentally responsible and sustainable methods to create our hand crafted tequila. Here’s the scoop.  

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:: June 23, 2014

Meet Your Match: Tequila Pairing

Pairing wine with your meal is great, but pairing tequila with food is even greater. Each bite and sip should complement the other, encouraging you to want more of both. The aromas of what you’re eating will trigger your olfactories, which will affect your sense of taste. You get notes of pepper in our Reposado? […]

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