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:: September 30, 2014

Win More Hearts with Tequila


Impress your best friend: Bloody Maria

You get drinks on a weekly basis. You know their go-tos. Spice it up, literally, by swapping vodka for tequila at your next brunch.


Impress your frenemy: A tequila Negroni

A little sweet, a little bitter and will definitely take you to another level.


Impress your next door neighbor: Shot of Silver

Forget wine at cocktail hour. You’ve embraced adulthood but still know how to have some fun.


Impress your grumpy uncle: Brave Bull

Embrace his dark side. You never know what might come out.


Impress the good-looking stranger sitting next to you at the bar: A tequila “on the rocks”

You know what you like, you can handle your liquor and you’re a bit unexpected. They’ll chat you up in no time.