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:: June 3, 2014

Win Their Hearts with Tequila

cocktail with cherry

Impress your boss: A tequila old fashioned.

You respect all things classic but will always bring something original to the table.


Impress your date: A spicy cucumber margarita.

It’s refreshing, it’s surprising and it leaves you wanting more. What else could one ask for?


Impress your dad: “Reposado” and “neat.”

Those are the only two words that should be coming out of your mouth.


Impress your mother-in-law: The paloma

Its sweet, and, um, sometimes tart, but all in all, pretty darn healthy. And healthy equals responsible, which means good parenting skills, which makes for adorable and well-behaved grandchildren.


Impress the mixologist at your favorite bar: Silver for sipping and a side of sangrita.

It’s easy, it’s fun, it’s decisive: the trifecta of qualities bartenders love best.