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:: August 15, 2014

A Look Inside Studio Blue

Our Studio Blue events launched earlier this summer in multiple cities around the country. Here are a few of our favorite snapshots.

event-1 event-2 event-3
Here’s a brief review of our Denver Blue Studio events: “The event, hosted in the newly renovated downstairs space of Lola, was filled with fun, education and excellent spirits. Each night guests were invited to check-in and then separated into small groups based off reservations. This made the experience intimate and interactive, even though the event was almost fully reserved. Next guests were welcomed to a cocktail hour at the downstairs bar. Here, Lola’s expert bartenders shook up tasty tequila cocktails using Blue Nectar’s signature reposado. Premium appetizers like sliders and taquitos were served as guests mingled amongst one another. After everyone was fully satisfied, patrons were invited to a comfortable seating area to begin the tequila tasting. Each setting was laid out with several types of tequila and fixings to create one signature cocktail. Once everyone was comfortable, the presentation on the history and highlights of Blue Nectar began. Here, guests were not only taught about what makes this particular brand special, but they learned about how tequila is made and what constitutes excellent tequila.
Throughout the presentation, guests were invited to try each several types of tequila (blanco, resposado and the special reserve) using expert tequila tasting practices. Then everyone was invited to participate in what specific tasting notes they experienced, allowing for a fun and interactive segment. This interactive theme continued onto the cocktail making segment, where guests were taught how to make a classic tequila drink called a Paloma. Around the room, people poured their own drinks, took a moment to relax while discussing all they had just learned. Overall guests were given a full but immersive experience about the complexities of tequila and Blue Nectar. Each person left not only with a gift bag, but a smile on their face and a mind full of new experiences and appreciations for the wonderful spirit.”
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