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Explore Blue Nectar

A sustainable tequila.

Blue Nectar is produced and distilled at Tequila Selecto de Amatitán (TSA) in Amatitán, Jalisco, Mexico. TSA produces Blue Nectar using environmentally responsible and sustainable methods.
  • When the agave plants are cultivated, the leaves (pencas) that are removed are ground and composted back into the land by tractor
  • TSA uses well water for the fermentation and uses a combination of charcoal and reverse osmosis filtration for the final product
  • The byproduct of distillation, stillage (vinazas), is composted after cooling

    The vinazas’ pH are neutralized (to 7 pH, same as water) and then mixed with bagasse (the shredded agave leftover after the juice/sugars are extracted)

    This material is then composted in small quantities over large areas of the fields, which are adjacent to the distillery

  • All other refuse, mostly paper and plastic, is picked up by the municipality for processing